Replacing merchants card payment fees with customer cashback and rewards

Merchants have limited methods of collecting payments and the ones they do have are clunky direct debits, expensive card networks, or cumbersome open banking processes.

What we're building

A next generation wallet app

We're ditching the plastic and developing new and innovative ways to pay, where merchants don't endure high payment fees and consuments are automatically rewarded for their loyality.

No more 3% card fees


Save up to 80% on card processing fees, without the hassle of laborious open banking processes.

Groundbreaking API


Financially interact with your customers via our API to instantly pull payments or issue refunds with a guarantee of instant confirmation.

E-money wallet app


Link all your existing bank accounts in one place to manage your money, make payments, and earn rewards. All within our multi-currency wallet app.

Earn rewards as you pay

Making the switch from plastic to Purse App saves businesses money, meaning consumers benifit from more rewards and cashback.

Pay anyone, anywhere, anytime


Instant payments, 24/7, regardless of underlying banks. Make payments remotely via e-commerce sites or in person at the till.

Link clubcards & Pay

Connect your clubcards and store cards in app; then scan them at the checkout to pay.

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