Seventy-four years old

It's time to ditch card payments

For almost three quarters of century cards have ruled the payments world.
Only recent advancements in technology and changes to legislation have made alternatives viable.

Pay less in card processing fees

Card schemes increased their fees by 27% in 2022. Leaving businesses with no alternative than to pay the increased charges.

We're here to reduce payment processing fees by offering an alternative ways to pay without adding friction to the payment processes.

Give more in customers rewards

By reducing payment fees business can keep more of their profits, which can be passed on the customers as incentives.

This approach not only encourages customers to revisit but also amplifies their inclination to engage in more frequent transactions.

A lack of options

Cards, cash or wires?

There are limited options when it comes to collect payments from customers. Only cards allow for instant confirmation, making them the sole option for point of sale transactions.

Card payments

Businesses can pay as much as 3.5% to process a payment and they can take 5 days to settle.

Open banking

OB payments are great for paying invoices, but too cumbersome and slow to be used at the point of sale.

Faster payments (FPS)

The de facto method for B2B and invoice payment. Although, manual input errors are common and reconciling payments can be tricky.


Cash has been on the decline for a while, and with the closure of high street banks and cash points it's getting harder to find.

Paper cheques


How it works

  • Signup for Purse App and verify

  • Link your existing store cards as payment instruments

    Enterprise customers
  • Configure customer rewards and cashback

  • Start taking payments with Purse App

  • We move the money to your wallet and reward the customer

We're innovating. Fast.

We're not just building new ways to take payments, but all aspects of the payments lifecycle, from exchanging shipping information, to e-receipts and instant refunds.

Covering all corners of the payments landscape

Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS)

Take payment from customers with your existing phone or tables, without the need for QR codes or cards.

Brick and mortar stores

Intergrate your till system with our APIs to allow customers to use their existing store cards to pay.

E-commerce and online

Checkout online with PayCode's and automatically collect the payers shipping and contact infomation.
Not a QR codes in sight.

Customer not/almost present

Link existing identifiers, such as vehicle registration plates or clubcards, as payment instruments and use them to collect payment in the background.

Some of our best bits

A snapshot of what we're working on

Our mission is to create the next generation of payment services. Below is a peek of some of our features in development.

Payments, refunds & rewards
Move money a lightning speeds, initiate payments from customers and issue refunds just as fast. All while rewarding your customers.
Groundbreaking API
Everything you need to financially interact with your customers, all in a single API.
Issue payment instruments
Link any existing store cards to a customers Purse App account, then use it's ID to request payments.
Advanced security
Maintain the heigest security while reducing payment friction is a key requierment for any FinTech.
Customer infomation
Request shipping and contact information with the payment order to reduce errors and speed up checkout process.
E-receipts & Invoices
Attaching documents to the payment order improves efficiency and communications with your customers.

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