Not a bank, but a wallet

A digital wallet powering the future of payments

We're on a mission to make moving money as easy as possible with new and innovative ways to pay.

Connect your existing banks

Purse App connects to all your existing banks enabling you to manage all your accounts, payments and contacts in a single place.

Pay merchants and earn rewards

We reduce the cost of payments allowing them to share the savings with their customers. Win win!

Pay with Purse App

Banks are vaults for storing your treasure.
Wallets are for spending it.

We want to make managing your money a breeze, whether your paying a friend, shopping online, ordering a coffee, or transfering between your accounts we're making it easer and cheeper.

E-Money wallet

We're not a bank, but an an e-money wallet that makes managing your money easer.

Connect to banks

We use open banking to connect to your existing accounts so you can manage all your accounts in one place.

Auto reload

Automatically reload your wallet from your bank when you spend with Purse App.

Pay & Transfer

Pay friends and family instantly, 24/7, regardless of the banks involved.

Earn rewards

Pay with Purse App instead of cards to earn cashback and rewards with every purchase.

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